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About Us 

Who is Friendly the Spud?

As a trained social worker and teacher, creator Darlene Lund has always wanted to help make a positive difference, both in people’s lives and the world. In order to accomplish this, she created Friendly the Spud (character) along with a published children’s storybook. 

In the book readers learn that Friendly is different from the other potatoes in his class, and is often bullied based on his clothing and speech troubles. Although Friendly does not understand why he is being bullied, he always tries to look for a solution to his problems. We are all different; however, different is not wrong! Friendly the Spud is all about helping people accept each others differences, big and small. Ultimately, this story is about being friendly to people, and being people friendly. 

Friendly hopes to travel the world spreading ideas of joy, love, friendship and inclusion amongst everyone he meets along this journey. Thank you for your support!

The Friendly Spud Team

Meet The Team

Darlene Lund

Rikki Lund
Social Media Coordinator
Website Designer

Ian Theron
Website Designer


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